Age of the Empire

Age of the Empire Act 1

Princess in Peril

The party is on Aquilae to rescue the daughter-heir of Aquilae, Princess Sera. Her mother has taken ill and in her stead, Lady Marvella, Chancellor to the Queen has stepped in trying to control the chaos.
The city itself is in throws as more and more fringe elements arrive looking to gain a quick buck trying to find the princess. The local security force has its hands full trying to keep the peace.
After coming to terms with the Lady Marvella, the party split, with Daven, Dekoa, and Teelo going into the city proper, finding a place to call a base and getting a few leads. Yacen, B8-M4X, and Rend stayed in the palace to speak with Seig Darksun, the former Captain of the Royal Guard. He was drugged, the room staged to look like he just got drunk, and his datapad was cloned.
Info gained;
Seig hired a Troupe of performers for his Nieces’ birthday.
The Troupe allegedly kidnapped the princess.
Seig has a friend named Tikro, a Bothan, who is helping him look for the princess.
At least a pair of other mercenary groups are looking for the princess as well. A group of Mandalorians, and another group of randos.
The group met up with each other in their new home, and decided to visit the home of the troupe, they found 4 of the 5 troupe members dead, with spice. On the hunt for more information, they’ve been told about an Infochant named Kordu, somewhere in the Solari Gambling Den, in upper Aquilae. Arriving just in time for Lapti Nek by the Max Rebo band, and to see a barfight about to begin….



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