Age of the Empire

Age of the Empire Act 1 Part 2

Moon Mining

Talking with Kordu in the gambling den took an interesting turn after she fell unconscious, luckily Rend and B8-M4X were able to take her safely to their hideout. Dekoa noticed a Bothan watching the group, after letting Yacen know they went with Daven and sat with him. His name was Tikro and he was a family friend of Seig Darksun, trying to look for the Daughter-Heir where Seig could not. He was invited back to the groups decrepit warehouse, where they proceeded to question Kordu as she woke up.

Tikro readily paid 1000 credits, and Yacen took on obligation to do her a favor at a later time for the information. The Princess was allegedly kidnapped by disgruntled miners, trying to open the mines fully again so they could get on working. She also let them borrow her Star-hopper to get them to the moon, and offered to pay good money for exclusive usage of information given to her.

On the moon, smoking craters and debris littered the landscape near the mining complex. A quick view of the surrounding area had Zarkor discovering a corpse near a small satellite array, tiptoeing around the body, he activated the array, which sent a ping into the local net and was able to recover the last transmission. “This isn’t what we agreed on, if you want her safe you’ll pay, no, you’ll pay double!” B8-M4X took a look at the body, discovering a datapad, and that the mans wounds were from an electro-whip, which Yacen recalled is somewhat uncommon but not unheard of out here in the Outer Rim.

A clatter inside the mining complex got the attention of Daven and Dekoa who went inside to investigate, they found more bodies, broken droids and mining equipment and a sole survivor. He said he didn’t know much, he just was doing a job, he wasn’t a miner but was hired on to kidnap the princess with the captain, once the assault occurred a few days ago he ran and hid down one of the ore shafts. Once his usefulness was over Dekoa executed him.

Coming from the canyon walls, a group of mercenaries led by a Chiss attack the group. Teelo gets a good shot off on the Lieutenant, striking fear into his underlings. A prolonged firefight between the two groups saw Daven, Dekoa, Teelo and Yacen taking some serious hits, thankfully the Chiss Soldier seeing his own troops getting mowed down, fled the area to fight again another day. With the battle over, who knows what they will find in the abandoned mining complex.



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